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Main Main Music is an organization for electronic events, established in 2011. The word “main main” is from Malay language, which means “be playful, playfulness”.Our main mission is to offer to our public high quality, wide range of music and in each of our listeners awaken as well a sense of playfulness. Main Main Music is a team of people, which are opened for a different kinds of cooperation in wish to create a harmony in a word of music and outside of it, which is very important for a success and a great vibe as well as excellent being at our parties.Thru our events we would like to represent talented young artists as well as already established names in electronic music.At that time you are welcome to visit one’s of our events at the most prestigious location in club “GOODLIFE” at Ljubljana castle under the brand name “GRAJSKI RAJ”, which is one of the most desirable location as well events in our town. 

In 2013 we founded also record label under the name “Main Main Music” true which we would like to represent to our listeners a wide range of undreground club music, with emphasis of sound quality and innovative productions.Our main goal is to progress as an advanced music label across all borders with a global reach on solid foundations.

16th April 2014
On 21th of April is coming out MMM005!!
We are representing you our new forthcoming release MainMain Music005 by young and talented spanish artist based from Berlin Suburbial with his two deep and minimalistic original tracks!! LISTEN HERE
16th April 2014
Main Main Music 3rd anniversary meets Little Helpers / 13.06.2014 / Summer festival / Ljubljana castle / 2 floors / 14 artists /
  Time flies, earth rotates and already 3 years of sleepless nights are behind us. With great pride and satisfaction we shared all those beautiful and wonderful moments with you. We have created them  together and we have done with that a... Full story >>